An Inside Look: A Vistage Group Meeting

Vistage Group Meeting

Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors during a peer advisory group meeting? The structured, facilitated format unique to Vistage provides an exclusive resource to members to learn from and with fellow business owners and executives. If you aren’t yet part of a Vistage group, here’s an overview of how a peer advisory group meeting works.

Educational Sessions

Vistage group meetings are divided into two categories: educational sessions and executive sessions. In an educational session, the chair invites an industry expert to speak to the Vistage group members on his or her field of expertise. The chair strategically selects these experts because they provide industry leading knowledge and strategies that are highly relevant to the members, such as: negotiation tactics, strategic planning, social media promotion etc. Often, the chair supplements these seminar-style sessions with corresponding reading materials and other relevant resources. This way, members maximize their learning by connecting with the material through multiple avenues; they can even continue the engagement process after the meeting and have tangible content they can refer to their employees.

Executive Sessions

In executive sessions, members bring topics for discussion; these may include personnel issues, pending acquisitions, mergers or other managerial questions. The executive session is an organized forum where members share, deliberate, plan, make commitments and report on their progress. Often, members present to their peers an in-depth examination of their organization: its strengths, weaknesses, platforms, culture, goals and challenges. Vistage membership affords executives the opportunity to collaborate on their most pressing business concerns with a unique and highly specialised group. Members work together in a strategic thinking session to consider potential solutions and help the business owner create an actionable plan to which they will hold him or her accountable. It’s a rare opportunity to have such an array of experienced, highly successful professionals offering their knowledge and insights focused on achieving your goals and closely monitoring your progress.

The Role of the Chair

Each Vistage group is unique; the chair sets the tone for the group by scheduling meetings, leading discussions, providing primary or supplementary reading materials and coaching members. Each Vistage chair will have his or her own leadership style and career experience, but all Vistage chairs are highly successful business professionals with years of experience and ongoing professional development and training through Vistage.

Vistage peer group advisory meetings are a gathering of some of the most successful, motivated and knowledgeable business minds in your area. Whether learning from an expert guest speaker, working collaboratively to tackle the challenges members face or holding one another accountable for their progress, a Vistage group enables business owners to learn, share and accomplish their goals.