How the Vistage Chair Chooses the Right Mix of Members


A Vistage peer advisory group meeting goes far beyond simply gathering members in a room and closing the doors. Vistage chairs provide a high level of structure and security for executives looking to learn and overcome business challenges. In order to achieve this, peer group chairs pay careful attention to group dynamics and exclusively offer membership to leaders in non-competing businesses who display a commitment to personal improvement that aligns with the group’s core values. To build and maintain a productive and well-rounded group, Vistage chairs consider the following factors.

Business Fits Within The Peer Advisory Group

The most important factor Vistage chairs consider is a potential group member’s business fit. The chair must determine that the prospect is not in competition with any current members of the group. Vistage groups maximize their productivity by ensuring that members feel – and truly are – secure. What they reveal to the group in confidence will not expose their company to competitive risk. Likewise, to avoid conflict of interest, it’s rare that a Vistage group contains a member who is a potential or existing customer to another member. When members desire to have a customer relationship they disclose it to the Group in advance and any conflict that may arise in the future, they commit to presenting to the Group. Another factor the Vistage chair considers is the prospect’s area of expertise. Part of the chair’s role is to bring together a varied group of members to ensure a wide base of knowledge and experience. The chair will evaluate the prospective members’ industries and choose the persons who can best benefit the group by providing insight in a field the group can collectively learn the most from.

Commitment to the Values of the Vistage Peer Advisory Group

The Vistage culture is founded on a code of mutual respect, transparency, accountability and confidentiality; these standards that allow members to engage in constructive deliberation that ultimately brings out the best in each person. To ensure each member upholds the values, every member signs a Group Commitments Pact and the facilitator holds each member equally accountable to the commitments therein to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality. Thus, when choosing a new member, the chair will carefully consider the prospect’s willingness to conduct themselves by the standards set by their Group. By doing so, the Vistage chair maintains a positive and constructive culture, which yields the maximum benefits for members in the Group.

The chair takes several factors into careful consideration before inviting new members to a Vistage group. The prospect’s industry, potential conflicts of interest and their commitment to being able to uphold the values and standards of the Group, thereby building a dedicated, knowledgeable, collaborative group with the ability to find both tactical and strategic solutions for each member.