4 Key Attributes of a Vistage Business Advisory Group Member


Among the many types of peer advisory groups, Vistage International offers a unique experience, one that focuses on accountability.

Built to maximize each member’s results, Vistage peer advisory groups are composed of carefully selected members with high levels of expertise in diverse industries. In this manner, Vistage peer advisory groups ensure that they have a well-rounded knowledge base from which to work. In order to ensure this balanced group setting, Vistage chairs evaluate each potential member’s qualities in four key ways.

The Vistage chair will choose a new member who is:

  1. Motivated to grow his/her business: Vistage looks for life-long learners; leaders who are continually looking to incorporate what they learn into their management practices. Additionally, members demonstrate an interest in fostering the growth of others within the group. Even though these members come from diverse organizations, they should be true team players when at a group meeting.

  2. From a non-competing industry: The Vistage peer advisory group brings together businesses from multiple industries that are non-competing so that all members feel confident in their ability to share, advise and learn from the group. The Vistage chair carefully assesses the prospective member’s organization and industry to ensure there is no conflict of interest and that the new member brings a unique, relevant perspective to the table, while sharing the values of the Group.

  3. Diverse from the other members: Diversity in age, ethnicity, background, education and experience is sought to provide a variety of perspectives when dealing with member challenges. This promotes a group dynamic, which goes beyond the conventional top-down approach and aligns the members to learn cooperatively from one another.

  4. Able to contribute a unique knowledge base: A prospective member with a unique skill set and knowledge base has plenty to offer the group in terms of perspective, experience and information. By including members with varying experiences, the chair ensures that the group will have well-rounded discussions and multiple approaches for any given topic.

Vistage chairs prioritize diversity when inviting new members to join. Diversity in experience, knowledge, personality and industry, coupled with a commitment to the Vistage values creates more opportunity for inspiring discussion and creative collaboration – just one of the many reasons why Vistage members value their peer advisory group meetings. Take a look at the testimonials some of our members have provided on their experience as members of Vistage Albany.